Become Discoverable LocoWiz helps your bank branches rank on search optimised queries and as well as increases your discoverability among the new customers and makes it easy for existing customers to reach the nearest branch, agent or ATM.   Attract more online leads and offline queries.
  • There has been a staggering 61% growth in personal loan queries and a 60% growth in home loan queries.
  • 2x growth in queries for “online savings account opening”.
  • 3x growth in queries for “savings account interest rate”.
With online presence capture this market share and get an edge over your competitors.   Why Go Local for Banking? Going local has great potential with the ever local customers and give a competitive edge to your banking business. With LocationsZ you get the advantage of scaling your business at the local level and have a centralized system with checks and balances in place and manage all the branches internally through our systematic database. Get insights and reports of your business in real-time with our simplified and easy to use dashboard.