Your Customers Are Looking for You – Be Discoverable.

Integrating large retail stores with the digital platforms has become a necessity. Large Format Retail Stores being spread over many geographical locations might face challenges in going digital . Considering this ordeal, we at LocationsZ, have simplified the process with our technology to create error proof listings of your business across the web.

Create your presence across digital platforms with LocoWiz, manage all your data with our Cloud Data Management System and create a loyal customer base and stand out from your competitors. Create high converting landing pages, get your business listed across directories, social media, rank on voice searches and engage with customers with our Consumer Management System.

Potential of Going Local

Going local has great potential with the ever growing “Near Me” searches. Capture the local markets and give a competitive edge to your business. With LocoWiz you get the advantage of scaling your business at the local level and have a centralized system with checks and balances in place and manage retail stores internally through our systematic database. Get insights and reports of your business in real-time with our simplified and easy to use dashboard