Let Wonderers Find You Make yourself discoverable when a high-intent traveler searches for a travel and tourism company and get ahead of your competitors by acquiring the 71% travel searches and 68% accommodation searches through mobile phones.
  • Almost 7% of mobile queries for travel are on voice.
  • 71% of the travel searches are made through mobile phones.
Therefore, it becomes imperative to rank on voice searches and have mobile friendly landing pages. LocoWiz gives you an edge by ranking your business on Voice Search Results and by creating AMP (accelerated mobile page) landing pages. Why Go Local for Travel and Tourism? Going local has great potential with the ever growing “Near Me” searches. Capture the local markets and give a competitive edge to your business. With LocoWiz you get the advantage of scaling your business at the local level and have a centralized system with checks and balances in place and manage agencies internally through our systematic database. Get insights and reports of your business in real-time with our simplified and easy to use dashboard.