Cyber Security Services

Cyber security is the practice of defending computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks.


Security & Assessment

Accelerate the maturity of your application security program with threat modelling, software development life cycle design, penetration testing, eLearning and more.

Need secure SDLC design and threat modelling to penetration testing, eLearning and program management, Optic Security can help accelerate the maturity of your application security program
LocoWiz Application Security experts combine extensive knowledge and scanning tool experience with manual testing methods to protect you against vulnerabilities automated tools cannot find.

Security Architecture and


Providing maximum value for your technology decisions, architecture and security projects.

Security architecture and infrastructure are becoming increasingly complicated. If you only consider architecture from an IT perspective, you will miss the structural security elements needed to support evolving technology infrastructure, emerging legislative regulations and ever-increasing threats.
LocoWiz team navigate complex environments and apply proven methodologies and leading practices to help ensure success. We offer deep and diverse skills, significant expertise in testing and deploying nearly any technology, and a unique ability to help you select the right solution for your environment.

Advance Test Services

Attack & Penetrations

Whether you require white, grey or black box services, we provide peace of mind with experienced third-party validation of your extended security environment.

Penetration Testing is a process wherein analysed vulnerabilities are exploited by using automated tools and/or manual excellence.
With a skilled team of attack and penetration experts and proven methodologies, we work to undermine your existing defences and identify exploitable vulnerabilities before a malicious actor does. We validate the effectiveness of your current environment and enable you to make informed decisions to reduce risk across your business.

Enterprise Incident

Management & Response

Moving organisations from crisis to continuity in the face of an incident, LocoWiz experts help with plan development and deployment.

LocoWiz services include securing the scene, defining the scope of the compromise, collecting and analysing data related to the event, and issuing a report documenting the findings.
Our experts can help you identify vulnerabilities, develop action and communication plans, and monitor your environment for potential threats.
When an incident occurs, out team provides an assessment of what happened, the areas of compromise and details about the event as well as advises on next steps.

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