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Your online reputation can make or break you. At LocoWiz, we offer review management services that help your business attract more reviews and sales, as well as happy clients.


Review Monitoring

Don't miss another review. LocoWiz collects all your online reviews in one place.

With the rise of online reviews, customers are connected like never before. They promote. They criticise.What they choose to say is driven by their experience. For successful businesses, LocoWiz online review monitoring is an integral and constant part of customer acquisition.


Collection & Filtering

See all your customer feedback for all your locations from 50+ sites in one place.

Easily organise your reviews into custom feeds with powerful filters for specific regions, locations, products, ratings, sources, and employees so you can quickly access the reviews you’re looking for.When all the reviews are gathered in one place, it’s easier to filter and respond, ultimately giving you a clear picture of your reputation and the feedback necessary to improve your process.


All-in-One Inbox

Create and track goals for review volume on specific sites or across all review sites.

Instead of switching from Facebook Messenger to text to Google Click-to-Message, a unified inbox allows you to see all your messages from every channel on one platform, making communication quick and seamless. When the communication process is easy for you, it’s easy for your customers, too!



Having access to analytics will help you spot trends, monitor growth, and meet your review goals.

Sentiment analysis, is the process of identifying a reviewer’s emotion or attitude toward your product, be it positive or negative. Choosing a review management system that allows for sentiment analysis will give you the ability to quickly determine how your customers feel about your product or service.

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