LocoWiz Store Locator

Make it easy for your customers to find you both online and offline with our 360° Local Solutions. LocoWiz helps brands and retail networks capture local web and mobile traffic and convert it into in-store traffic.


Location Searching

Allow customers to geolocate their location or manually search for the nearest location. Add filters, such as product or service categories, to allow customers to find the best location that will suit their needs. Configure the results based on settings including radius and store type.

Be discoverable

On all channels

Add a Store Locator on multiple channels so customers can find your locations whether they are on your website, mobile site or Facebook page. Our seamless integration into your website creates an optimal experience for all customers across desktop, mobile and tablet devices.


Designed Themes

Industry proven design to align with your company branding while ensuring a positive customer experience. You have the ability to determine exactly what information is shown to customers. Integrate call-to-action buttons on the Store Locator and Results Page to drive online conversions.


User Behaviour

Leverage the user behaviour tracking to learn more about your online traffic and customer’s on site behaviours using the LocoWiz Platform. Use these insights to learn how you can further improve your customer on-site behaviours

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