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Make Your Business Life Simple With LocoWiz

Manage your location data and analyse your performance from a easy-to-use, centralised cloud platform. Track and evaluate store’s performance and gain actionable insights.

Having a store locator not only helps to convert online visitors into offline customers, it also enhances their overall shopping experience and improves your brand awareness and search rankings.

Increase in-store traffic and drive more offline sales.

Always be Found

A strong store locator gives your customers all the information they need to find their nearest store, which increases their likelihood of visiting and spending there.

Local Seo & Insights

Measure social media performance, create gorgeous reports, and get recommendations to grow reach, engagement & sales.

Local Promotions

Scale your advertising campaigns to local audiences for qualified conversions. Close the ROI gap of National Advertising with Local Advertising.

Social Promotion

With LocoWiz tools, you achieve success with your social media marketing to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic.

LocoWiz Store Locator Benefits

LocoWiz helps brands and retail networks capture local web and mobile traffic and convert it into in-store traffic.

  • Centralised Platform
  • Automated Geolocation
  • Interactive Location Map
  • Accurate Store Information
  • Simplified Location Searching
  • Increase Traffic to Your Website

Using a store locator to find a location means people have to first visit your website, which leads to increased site traffic and added trust for your brand, as well as new potential customers. It is not just traffic to your store locator – an optimized store locator helps you gain search traffic for your main website or ecommerce site too, and in doing so, provides measurable results for your organization to track.

By providing your customers information that they may otherwise have to contact your business to obtain, a store locator saves you both time and money. In other words, it takes over the role of an employee taking calls all day to direct customers to their nearest point of sale.

By integrating a store locator into your website, you can use website analytics tools to monitor where exactly people are searching from, their demographics, how often they search, and a lot more.

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