Social Listening and Brand Monitoring

LocoWiz helps brands manage their online reputation by identifying new opportunities and improving customer services. LocoWiz uses social listening techniques across all leading social media platforms. We further analyze and act on what people are saying about your business and your competitors. LocoWiz uses machine learning and AI to collect data from social platforms, websites, and blogs to generate insights.

Our features:

  • Analysts with years of experience - Our Social Media and Research Analysts are experts in monitoring, tracking, and analyzing social media and other unstructured data across numerous sectors.
  • Focus on Sociolinguistics LocoWiz combines technology with a human touch by crafting complicated and in-depth queries to gather a large amount of data, which is then further refined to get insights and filter out the noise.
  • Data Collection that is Reliable We employ modern, state-of-the-art data aggregator systems to make sure we're using the most powerful platform available to give you the most data.
  • CustomizationWe can listen in on any online conversations and tailor our outputs to match the needs of any client.

The Benefits Of SEO Services At LocoWiz

The internet is a digital library where everything is accessible. LocoWiz uses an AI-driven approach to monitor a brand’s reputation by tracking the online buzz related to your business, product, or service on different channels to find what your customers think about your brand. We identify where, when, and what people are talking about your brand; these insights help you to adapt and improvise your business operations.

  • LocoWiz allows you to take immediate actions based on public feedback.
  • We also help you analyze the sentiment towards your brand to formulate a strategy to ensure that your brand’s online image always stays consistent.
  • We make sure your message is heard by a huge audience and that you don’t miss the crucial points in your sales conversion process.
  • Through a single dashboard, LocoWiz allows you to reply to messages or comments in real-time.

We understand that every brand is unique and so are their needs. We develop a personalized approach for each of our clients to assist them in monitoring their online assets, managing their online reputation, and building customer trust. We also maintain track of your competitors' performance to keep you informed about how they promote their brands. Our wide selection of online brand monitoring services includes:

  • Domain Name Monitoring
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Marketplace Monitoring
  • Paid Search Monitoring
  • Trademark Abuse
  • Phishing Detection
  • Grey Market Selling
  • SEO Manipulation

Start monitoring your brand’s online reputation today. LocoWiz is ready to help you monitor and analyze your brand reputation on a global scale and make all the right adjustments to stay relevant in the digital age.