Social Posting & Responding

Social media is taking over the world; more than 2 billion people are now online, creating a vast amount of internet content. At the same time, millions of people find product recommendations through google and internet service, which, together with social media sites, is becoming a vital part of any business.

More than 50% of customers who buy products online share information via social media sites. That is why being socially active is very important for your business.

Presence on social media platforms is significant for every brand, whether big or small. Being socially active on these platforms makes it easier to reach your potential customers and make them aware of you and your brand.

A quick response to customers’ queries on social media shows that you value them. When it comes to communication on social media, the longer a question or concern sits unnoticed, the more frustrated your consumers become.

Social media is becoming the best way to be aware of customers’ needs and interact with them, but how can you browse through billions of reviews and queries to find the one affecting your brand reputation?

That is why we, LocoWiz, are here to provide you with a platform for social media posting and responding.

  • LocoWiz allows you to manage your organization's social media presence from a central location.
  • You can create, schedule, send, and review Facebook posts and other social media accounts, saving you the time and effort to log in to each social media application separately.
  • Friendly responses will be there to interact with the customers.
  • LocoWiz AI-driven Platform listens & captures every review & ratings on all listing platforms and social media platforms.