What is Reputation Marketing

Reputation marketing is the process of proactively promoting, Monitoring and acquisition of Ratings, reviews, Social Media comments, Online Forums and Press News about your Brand on various Digital platforms. Through reputation marketing, you boost your sales by promoting the good reviews that customers have given about your business. This promotion is done through traditional digital marketing strategies and campaigns across various platforms.

Reputation Marketing — Why does your business need it?

Your customers are looking you up before engaging with your business and the services you provide. Here reputation marketing comes into play. Deploying a well thought out reputation marketing strategy helps you stand out in front of potential customers. Good reputation marketing helps your brand shine and also helps you proactively manage negative reviews and ratings.

Reviews and Reputation Marketing
  • One of the most important aspects of reputation marketing is reviews and feedback. These reviews do not help you build your brand presence but also help in improving your Brands Image and provide a smooth customer experience. Customers are most likely to leave reviews in case of a bad customer experience, and very rarely leave feedback on their own about positive experiences.
  • Personally sending review requests and using our review templates make it easier for you to gather feedback quickly. Leverage these reviews to boost your online presence and brand reputation. Share these feedbacks and reviews on various social media handles to gain exposure and build credibility among your customers.
Go Beyond Reviews
  • Approach your employees and ask them to review your company’s work culture and improve based on their feedback. Request your employees to put reviews on various platforms such as Glassdoor, Linkedin and many others. Getting positive reviews from people who work with you boosts your ratings and reputation.

How LocoWiz helps your brand in Reputation Marketing

LocoWiz provides reputation marketing that focuses on your brand reputation online. Our platform is designed to promote customer perception about your business on public platforms.

Reviews play an essential role in your online reputation and are a key performance indicator when someone makes a decision. Customers can also easily post reviews on your publicly accessible platforms through our feedback and review templates. Capitalize on your audience reviews to drive brand awareness and reputation.