Reputation Management

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation is the way your business is perceived on the internet by visitors and customers. Online reputation management is consistently making efforts to manage and Influence your online reputation to boost your business credibility and visibility.

Your reputation is a mix of reviews, comments, and your social media presence. Your online reputation is one of the most important aspects of your business.

It is the first thing your potential customers see when they search for your business. Having an impressive online presence ensures positive engagement from your visitors and greater conversion rates as well.

Do you have a strong online presence?
  • When we talk about having a strong online presence, most of us think about ratings and reviews but it is not as simple as it seems. Having good reviews and rating matter but having good quantity and quality of reviews matter the most. A business that has more than 100 reviews and an overall rating of 4 or 4.5 stars has a better chance of grabbing customers’ attention than a business having a 5-star rating but only 10 reviews.
  • When it comes to having a strong reputation online, it is important to take into consideration the whole picture rather than just focusing on ratings and reviews; you have to take into account what people are generally saying about your business.

Negative Reviews—Good or Bad?

Your customers are more likely to leave reviews in case of a bad customer experience. To tackle this, proactively send review requests to your customers in order to make your customer service more seamless and smooth by gathering feedback. In case of bad reviews, reply positively and assure your customers that you have taken measures to address the issue flagged by them; make them feel heard. Combine this with actively working on resolving the issue, so that future customers don’t experience the same issue during their customer journey. Reviews positive or negative are always good for your business. Negative reviews make your business seem more genuine and simultaneously use these reviews to identify the pain points of your customers.

Let’s talk benefits

There should be no doubt about the immense number of benefits of having a strong reputation for your business. We have compiled a few of them to put things in perspective.


Build lifelong relationships on trust

Having a strong online presence builds trust among your visitors. Your customers are looking at the reviews and ratings about your business. Strategically managing your reputation allows you to gain the trust of your visitors and turn them into lifelong customers.


Increase your visibility

Reviews and your visibility on search engines go hand-in-hand. Your reviews help you rank higher on search engines which in turn makes your business more likely to attract new and potential customers.


Good reputation = Increased revenue

When you are attracting new customers, it’ll automatically increase your revenues. The equation is simple: Reviews + Ratings = Increased Revenue Meticulously taking care of your reputation leads to an exponential increase in your revenue.

When Online Reputation Management Meets SEO

Reviews not only matter to your customers but they matter to search engines as well. Reviews provide these search engines with correct information about your business. Most of the search engines such as Google, aim to provide information accurately to their users. Google uses reviews to rank your business. Although this shouldn’t be the only factor to collect reviews from your customers. Reviews are just one side of the story. Other than reviews, search engines also look at how accurately you have mentioned information about your business—Name, Phone Number, Address, Opening Hours, Services, and much more. Your ranking depends on how consistent this information is across various online listings and directories.

The strategy you need to build a strong reputation

Building a strong online presence isn’t a day’s task. It takes time to build it, so be patient and trust the process—the results will speak for themselves.

  • Watch Always keep up to date on how your customers are talking about your business on various platforms such as Facebook and Google.
  • Gather Don’t shy away from asking your customers to leave reviews. Most of the customers are glad to leave honest reviews, leverage this. Use LocoWiz template to gather reviews quickly.
  • Track Manage all your reviews, make sure you are responding to both positive and negative reviews.
  • Advertise Repeat the above steps quite a few times and when you have more than enough reviews, start sharing them on your social handles to build trust among your potential customers.
  • The Power of Social Media Social media is a powerful tool if leveraged correctly. Many of your customers are active on social media platforms, use this to boost your business. Manage and track reviews about your business on social media as well. See where customers are mentioning your business. If it’s a Twitter thread complaining or has a negative review respond positively and as soon as possible. Being active on social media shows your customers that you are committed to them.