Unified Business Communication

Unified Business Communication integrates tools for better in/out communication within a LocoWiz.

Conversational Commerce

We are dedicated to constructing a robust, secure, and reliable communication system that connects individuals with technology, applications, clouds, and networks globally, facilitating improved, efficient, and instantaneous communication. Our Unified Communication Solution guarantees an optimal blend of technology and resources for diverse communication and data exchange needs, accessible on any device and from any location. Unified Business Communications stands as a formidable support solution for business owners, ensuring seamless communication among teams, customers or dealers, and vendors on any device, from any location with trust, security, and loyalty towards each other.

Business Communications

The suite of services, encompassing Instant Messaging, Google Verified calls & messages, Ordering and booking via Google searches, AI - Chatbot Facility, IVR Solution, and Wi-Fi Marketing, functions as potent instruments enabling personalized engagement across the entire customer journey. This results in outstanding online and offline customer experiences, laying the groundwork for enduring brand-customer relationships. Simultaneously, it ensures the protection of vital business information, establishing a foundation for uninterrupted workflow, heightened productivity, and a consistently reliable user experience.

Elevate your business communications through LocoWiz's Unified Solution, fostering hyper-growth with streamlined communication, enhanced mobility, superior reliability, improved customer interactions, heightened security, enriched employee culture, advanced functionality, and centralized management of crucial data and tools within a comprehensive CRM. This impactful solution promises sustainable organizational growth at a remarkably cost-effective deployment.

  • IVR
  • AI-Chatbot
  • Verified SMS
  • Verified Calls / SMS
  • Conversational Commerce

Network Reliability & Cloud Resiliency in Unified Business Communications

The reality of a communicative system has been realized through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and cloud-hosted services. Today, Unified Communication has evolved into a familiar and highly integrated tool, offering affordability and flexibility for seamless integration into any workflow.

Our state-of-the-art SaaS application provides a robust network that ensures seamless and uninterrupted communication, fostering collaboration and operational efficiency with the levarege advantage of cloud resiliency which adds a layer of protection, safeguarding against potential disruptions and data loss. Reliability in both network and cloud infrastructure ensures constant availability, reducing downtime risks.