Discover New Customers with Unparalleled Control and Visibility to Build Your Business

Reach Consumers using LocoWiz Platform for listing, reviews, lead generation, advertising, and more with our 360° Local Solutions.

Grow Local To Grow Global

Get recognized with a consistent, accurate & attractive business profile with a demystifying hyperlocal solution where you start with putting the Customer First and taking full control of your business’s visibility across multiple listing platforms.

A detailed and accurate local citation on different publishers' platforms, search engines, maps, social, directories, and voice engines like Amazon Alexa, SIRI & Google Home. Having a store locator is an important part of any successful marketing services strategy, as it ensures that the business is visible to potential customers in their local area. and citation needs are covered which helps to convert online visitors into offline customers, it also enhances their overall shopping experience and improves your brand awareness and search rankings. Increase in-store traffic and drive more offline sales.

Always be Found

The strategic goal of maximize online visibility, drive organic traffic, and establish a continuous online presence for sustained digital success.

Social Promotions

The goal is to enhance brand visibility, reach a wider audience, drive user engagement, and ultimately, achieve marketing objectives through the use of social media channels.

Local Promotions

Targeted efforts and strategies aimed at enhancing the visibility and recognition of a business within its local community or geographical area.

Digital Credibility

LocoWiz has perceived the trustworthiness, reliability, and authenticity of its clients and their brands with the website's design, content accuracy, online reviews, social media presence, security measures, and adherence to ethical practices. Building digital credibility is crucial for establishing trust with online users, enhancing the reputation of an entity, and fostering positive interactions in the digital space.

We work on 40+ parameters to improve digital Credibility with a mix of 7Rs of LocoWiz. Which Consists of on-page and off-page optimization.

The Impacts of Local Automation

LocoWiz works for the digitized discovery and delivery with local automation of businesses and to ensure its success we have a new way of integrating store websites, voice search, search engines, maps, directories, and social platforms, which are multifaceted and transformative.

By integrating these elements, businesses not only adapt to the digital landscape but also create a cohesive and impactful online presence that resonates with their local audience, fosters engagement, and drives business growth.

  • Enhanced Visibility
  • Streamlined Operations
  • Customer Engagement
  • Personalized Experiences
  • Efficient Marketing
  • Data-Driven Insights
  • Competitive Edge
  • Brand Consistency
  • Convenience for Customers
  • Local SEO

The Impacts of Store Locator

LocoWiz helps brands and retail networks capture local web and mobile traffic and convert it into in-store traffic.

  • Centralised Platform
  • Automated Geolocation
  • Interactive Location Map
  • Accurate Store Information
  • Simplified Location Searching
  • Increase Traffic to Your Website

3x Growth in 360 days

LocoWiz – Creates Visibility and Credibility in the market through excellence and consistency in customer engagement across online and Offline (O2O) channels.


Brand Visibility

We ensure that a brand is consistently visible and accessible to its consumers, enhancing its overall recognition and impact because the more visible the is brand, the greater its ability to acquire and retain customers. Prominence and accessibility of a brand across various channels, both online and offline enhanced brand visibility increases recognition, trust, and engagement, contributing to the overall success and influence of the brand.


Customer Engagement

A comprehensive omnichannel customer engagement platform helps businesses build relationships, foster brand loyalty, and ensure customer satisfaction through various channels, which entails understanding and meeting customer needs, encouraging feedback, and creating positive experiences to enhance overall brand perception.


Customer Acquisition

LocoWiz helps businesses with advanced analytical data to build strong strategic marketing and sales efforts to attract and convert prospects into paying customers by understanding target audiences, effective communication, and providing value to encourage initial transactions and long-term relationships.