What is image SEO and how does it work?

The optimization of visuals on a website to make it more attractive to search engine crawlers is referred to as image SEO. Image SEO gives search engines crawlers more information about a visual, which helps them analyze the content and can improve search rankings and exposure. Image SEO helps the Brand website rank higher in search engines. It offers a double advantage for the different search engines because the keywords appearing in the image help’s the Brand website to rank higher in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

How does LocoWiz image SEO help business?

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LocoWiz optimizes images for screen readers to make it easier for people to navigate and understand the Brands website. To grow the Brands business with image SEO, LocoWiz take responsibility by performing the following metrics -

  • Optimize image loading speed
  • Optimize the image file size.
  • Using responsive images.
  • Optimize the image alt text.
  • Optimize the image caption and title.
  • Optimize the image Filename.
  • Optimize' discoverability, crawl ability, and indexability of images

Search engines read content from pages and evaluate it on a number of following ranking criteria:

  • Size of your images
  • Image file names
  • Alt tags
  • Image title
  • Image structured data
  • Unique images
  • Image captions
  • Low-resolution
seo business