What is voice search SEO?

Voice search is becoming increasingly popular in today's internet search engines, largely because voice search is incredibly easy to use. It is a type of voice recognition technology that allows users to do searches by speaking into a device. Voice search marketing utilizes the way users conduct voice searches. Around 27% of Mobile Users use Voice search and It is rapidly growing.

Why Voice Search is Important?

According To ComScore, half of all Mobile users are engaging with Voice search Technology. Google also published a report that 36% of Online users are using Voice search Technology. Also, people are using voice search for Local information like about Stores, products, Services and address information. According to a report, 58% of People have used Voice search for finding Local information. All these things Show that Voice SEO is Important Nowadays.

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How do we use Voice Search SEO?

Optimize Listing Management

It is the easiest way to get discovered through Voice Search when People will search through Voice search. You have just made sure that every piece of information Like content, keyword, Images, Phone No, address are Complete and accurate. Make SEO strategy like that people are phrasing their queries.

Curate Content which Gives exact answer

According to research, In voice search people 65% of people are questioned in keyPhrases like Questions starting with What, How, When, Where, Why and Total. Curate Content in such a way that to answer these queries.

Make a Mobile-Friendly Website

In this digital era world, Most Of the Voice search is performed through Mobile search. So Mobile friendly website is Important to load faster and answer Verbal Queries.

Use Regional language For Content

Most of the queries searched on Google are in the Local Language. In India, the Google search engine is optimized for 5 Regional languages. Using regional language in the Content, Your Voice search SEO will Increase.